Meet our parent-led development team

Susan Riggle

MCC Chair and CIO (Chief of Important Operations and lots of other stuff)
LU co-founder & vice-chair

Susan is the mother of adult boy/girl twins. Her son is pretty significantly affected with a thick layer of autism. He is the size of a linebacker, is non-speaking but communicates through spelling and pictures. Susan is a Midwestern transplant by way of Southern California. In Michigan, her family were farmers and she spent almost every summer of her youth on the family farm. She loves the beauty and majesty of a farm, and wishes for her son to live in such a setting. In 2015, she cofounded Living Unlimited and set off to help parents of children with disabilities band together to take the biggest concern out of their child’s future: Just where will my child live after I am gone? Mustang Court Commons is the second project that Living Unlimited has helped pull together, the first being Clearwater Ranch in northern Sonoma County.

Fiona Wong

MCC Board Member and COO (Chief of Other Operations and lots of other stuff)

Fiona is the mother of an adult son with profound autism and epilepsy. He is a non-speaker and communicates with assistive technology and is a beginner speller. Life has brought her from Singapore where she grew up, to undergraduate and graduate studies in Melbourne, Australia, to living in the San Francisco bay area. She is a board certified licensed occupational therapist and a foster of service puppies in training. She joined forces with Susan Riggle in 2019 to found Mustang Court Commons. In 2021, she lead the efforts to form Mustang Acres Farm when 6 sheep were gifted to MCC. She incorporated the farm as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2022 and named it Mustang Acres, Inc.

Katie Carney

Living Unlimited Representative

Katie is currently serving as President, Living Unlimited Board of Directors and as Vice-Chair, Clearwater Ranch Board of Directors. Living Unlimited is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity that helps families secure long term housing solutions for adults with disabilities. She has retired from the aerospace industry, performing mission analysis and systems engineering on space and missile programs. She is a managing partner in RC Group, LLC an investment and consulting company. Katie is also working as a consultant to the aerospace industry as a subject matter expert in systems engineering for new technology development. Katie understands the lack of permanent housing solution for adults with disabilities, and the burden on families to provide quality care and housing for adults in a safe and secure environment.


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