Meet our parent-led development team

Susan Riggle

MCC Board Member and CIO (Chief of Important Operations and stuff)
LU co-founder & vice-chair

Susan is the mother of young adult boy/girl twins. She has almost recovered. Her son is pretty significantly affected with a thick layer of autism. He is the size of a linebacker, has a 3-word vocabulary and really enjoys a good episode of Sesame Street (need more be said?). Susan is a Midwestern transplant by way of Southern California. In Michigan, her family were farmers and she spent almost every summer of her youth on the family farm. She loves the beauty and majesty of a farm, but she cannot manage to keep a basil plant alive. Her skill set is more along the lines of being able to find others who can help her get things done. If a computer is involved, she will do what she can through that.

Susan knew that she was not the only parent of a child with special needs who was panicking about where that child would live after she may no longer be around. So, she combined forces with Alex Krem (of Camp Krem fame) whom she found at the FRED (Farms and Ranches Enabling the Disabled) Conference in 2014. The two of them founded Living Unlimited and set off to help families of special children band together to take the biggest concern out of their child’s future: Just where will my child live after I am gone? Mustang Court Commons is the second project that Living Unlimited has helped pull together (the first is Clearwater Ranch in northern Sonoma County). Each venture has its own flavor and opportunities. The special residents, all the possibilities that the land has to offer, and the wonderful close to civilization (shopping and coffee) setting will make this a truly special place!

Fiona Wong

MCC Board Member and COO (Chief of Other Operations and stuff)

Fiona is the mother of a young adult with severe autism and epilepsy. Life has brought her from Singapore where she grew up, to undergraduate and graduate studies in Melbourne, Australia, to returning to Singapore to work, and eventually to living in the San Francisco bay area. Through her journey of raising a child with special needs, she found her passion in occupational therapy and her desire to give back to the special needs community that had helped her son. In between raising her kids, attending graduate school, becoming a licensed occupational therapist, and adopting three rescue dogs (because she had trouble stopping at one), Fiona founded and owned a pediatric sensory integration based occupational therapy clinic in Berkeley, California. She closed the clinic in mid 2019 when her lease expired, in order to devote time towards finding housing solutions for her adult son with special needs.

As with other parents who have adult children with special needs, the pressing anxiety of where they will live and how they will be cared for came to the forefront. This led to her meeting the founders of Living Unlimited, Alex Krem and Susan Riggle, and her eventual working partnership with them to develop MCC. Fiona brings to the team her administrative and organization skills garnered from her past working experiences as a Duty Manager in airline ground handling operations in Singapore, and in a managerial position as the head of an administrative department. She graduated with First Class Honors in Business from Monash University in Australia, and brings to the team her varied business and organizational experiences from having owned and run an occupational therapy clinic, where she was also a treating therapist. Fiona currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Ala Costa Centers, a non-profit organization that serves students with developmental disabilities in the SF east bay. She is now channeling these experiences and skills towards developing MCC. Together with the team, she hopes to create a loving, beautiful, safe and inspired home for her child and its residents, and that MCC could be a model for special needs housing solutions for others to follow.

Katie Carney

Living Unlimited Representative

Katie is currently serving as President, Living Unlimited Board of Directors and as Vice-Chair, Clearwater Ranch Board of Directors. Living Unlimited is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity that helps families secure long term housing solutions for Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled (I/DD) adults. Clearwater Ranch is the first community developed by Living Unlimited to provide a life long housing solution to allow I/DD adults to live independently.

Katie has retired from the aerospace industry, performing mission analysis and systems engineering on space and missile programs. She is a managing partner in RC Group, LLC an investment and consulting company. RC Group, LLC has invested in Concussion Mitigation Technologies (CMT) to develop a Smart Cap to measure and record data associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) providing management and engineering consultation to CMT with plans for expansion to other areas of technology. Katie is also working as a consultant to the aerospace industry as a subject matter expert in systems engineering for new technology development.

Since 1986, Katie has held numerous positions on development committees, including fundraiser chairperson raising from $50K to $400K, based on the demographic and has authored numerous grant proposals for specific projects.

Katie understands the lack a permanent housing solution for adults with special needs and that families are responsible for providing quality care  and housing for adults in a safe and secure environment.

Katie is married, with 3 adult children, 2 grandchildren and her dog, Nellie.

She has Bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from San Francisco State University.